5ft Large Locking Carabiner Dog Leash

5ft Large Locking Carabiner Dog Leash


Our premium hand woven 8 strand dog leash uses extra tough 550 pound tensile strength paracord climbing rope attached to a robust climbing rated lightweight locking aluminium carabiner.  All materials used to make this stunning leash are manufactured in the USA , furthermore the lead itself has been beautifully handcrafed, making each piece truely unique. Fantastic for strong or Large breeds but lightweight enough for medium breeds.


    Each strand has 550 pound tensile strength.

    Each strand comprised of 7 ( 2 ply twisted) inner strands.

    31 (kn) Carabiner measuring 4.2 inch x 2.15 inch

    Carabiner weight; 2.6 oz

    Gate opening; 0.63 inch

    Rot reststant,

    UV fade resistant.

    Handcrafted in the USA.


    Our leashes they are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Of course we only cover normal wear and tear, so make sure your pup does not use the leash as a chew toy ! We can only guarantee our leashes for appropriate use, as  long as there is no sign of chewing we are happy to provide you will a full refund. Please contact us  for return instructions by emailing details to rosie@brickelldogwalking.com


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